August 19, 2017

Set of Patterns. Cat, Bunny and Bear

Three cute toys of one shape. Change ears and you have a new character.


Head-body-legs detail.

Starting from the head with the orange color.

1row. 6sc 
into MR
2row. 6 inc. (12)
3row. *1sc, inc.* 6 times (18)
4row. *2sc, inc.* 6 times (24)
5row. *3sc, inc.* 6 times (30)
6row. *4sc, inc.* 6 times (36)
7row. *5sc, inc.* 6 times (42)
s. sc in each st (42)
14row. *5sc, dec.* 6 times (36)
15row. *4sc, dec.* 6 times (30)
16row. *3sc, dec.* 6 times (24)
17row. *2sc, dec.* 6 times (18)
18row. *1sc, dec.* 6 times (12)
19row. Sc 
in each st (12)
20row. *1sc, inc.* 6 times (18)
21row. 18 sc
22row. *2sc, inc.* 6 times (24)
s. 24sc

Continue with the first leg.
24row. 12 sc, 
skip 12sc.
25-27row. 12 sc
28row. 6 dec
. Fasten off.

For the second leg start from the stitch between the legs. Use 12 sc that we had left for the second leg.
1-4rows. Sc in each st (12)
5r.ow 6 dec. Fasten off.
Arms (make 2)
Orange color.
1row. 5sc 
into MR
2row. 5 inc. (10)
s. 10 sc
7row. *1sc, dec* 3 times, 1 sc (7)
s. 7scLeave a thread for sewing to the body.
Muzzle (white color)
1row. 6sc 
into MR
2row. 6 inc. (12)
3row. 12 sc
Ears for Bear (make 2)
1row. 6sc 
into MR
2row. 6inc. (12)
3-4rows. 12 sc.

Ears for Bunny (make 2)
1row. 5sc 
into MR
2row. 5inc. (10)
3row. *sc, inc* 5 times (15)

4-6rows. 15 sc
7row. *3sc, dec* 3 times (12)
8-9rows. 12 sc
10row. *sc, dec* 3 times (9)

Ears for Cat (make 2)
1row. 4sc into MR
2row. 4inc. (8)
3row. *3sc, inc* 2 times (10)
4row. *4sc, inc* 2 times (12)
5 row. 12 sc

Assamble a toy like the photo shows.
Embroider the nose with a black thread, sew the eyes.

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  1. Can you please tell me what size eyes are used for these??


Bunnies, Bear, and Panda

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